Loving Mother-Daughter Embrace

Loving Mother-Daughter Embrace

This mother-daughter portrait was taken on a beautiful day in York, Pennsylvania.  The bride and her mom were so excited for the wedding day, but I’m sure that they were experiencing some nostalgia as Alicia was beginning a new chapter in her life.  Adorned in her dress, the bride looked beautiful as she awaited the wedding ceremony.  As I do with all of my clients, I seek to capture the bride in all her beauty through a variety of bridal portraits.  While many of my portraits focus on the bride and groom, I am always looking for natural moments like this one in which to capture loving expressions and embraces between family and friends.  The mother-daughter relationship between Alicia and her mom is a sweet and caring one and I am glad that I was able to capture an image of it.  By taking this candid portrait in black and white, I sought to give it a feeling of simplicity, sentiment, and nostalgia.

The sunlight streaming in from the large window in the portrait’s background naturally lit the bride and draws ones eyes to her white dress and their beaming expressions.  As I do with all my clients, I like to document their wedding day by photographing natural and beautiful moments like this one.

I posed them in front of the curtained windows that had bright sunlight coming through them and photographed them as they shared a sweet embrace before Alicia was given away to her soon-to-be husband.

The bride and groom’s families are a special part of the wedding and I love to capture their expressions and interactions throughout the day that beautifully represent the intimate love and joy that they share.

Location: York, PA.